I’ve gotta say, Yuki fever is sweeping the whites faster than Yak goes through beers!!! Sure, he may have only played about 70 minutes in 5 weeks, but they were some of the sexiest minutes of football in whites history! Anyone who missed his backheel, well I’m sorry, words can’t do it justice.

Bought for a fee of 2 million Yen in a 3-way swap which meant we lost Marty Aspin to the Phillipines. We acquired Yuki from little known J-League 2 team Kyoto Reds at the start of the season. The whites had been looking for quality overseas players for a while, and decided to take Yuki over veterans Shinji Ono and Hidetoshi Nakata, purely for youth reasons… the whites already have too many senior citizens on their roster.

Japan is known for making things smaller and more efficient, and if that’s the case, there is nothing more efficient than Yuki’s shin guards. Japanese micro-technology has created shin guards so small that they can only be seen under an electron-microscope, however they are so strong they can withstand a grenade blast and even a Kevin Muscat tackle.

Suffice to say that our purchase of the pocket-rocket Yuki has already paid dividends, and we all hope that Yuki will send a championship back our way, and to continue to spread Yuki fever, I’ve already got my replica kit!!!