To all Adelaide University Soccer Club members, notice is hereby provided that the Annual General Meeting of the Adelaide University Soccer Club will be held on Thursday 30th of September at 6pm at Graduates Clubhouse, MacKinnon Parade, North Adelaide.


  1. Welcome
  2. Meeting Administration
  3. Acceptance of minutes from previous meeting
  4. President’s Annual Report
  5. Finance
  6. Appointment of Auditor
  7. Awards, Life Membership and Service Recognition
  8. Amendments to Constitution
  9. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members
  10. Meeting Close

In accordance with the constitution of the Club, all office and committee positions will be declared open for election at the AGM and we are therefore calling for nominations from any member who has an interest in holding a position. The positions include:

  • President
  • Deputy President(s) – no more than 3
  • Chairperson
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Committee Members – not more than 7

We are particularly encouraging Adelaide University student members to nominate. If you would like to nominate for a position and you haven’t already, please confirm via email to no later than Friday 23 September with your name, contact details (phone and email), whether you are an Adelaide University student and details of the position you are nominating for. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the current committee members.

As the number of attendees will be strictly limited due to COVID restrictions, you will need to register your attendance online.

Only registered members will be able to attend and the capacity of the clubhouse is limited so it is imperative that you register as soon as possible if you wish to attend.