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The Adelaide University Soccer Club is governed by Adelaide University Sport. Established in 1896, AU Sport is directly affiliated with the University of Adelaide and has been incorporated in its own right since 1979.

AU Sport is administratively autonomous with its own constitution. It is led by the Sports Council, which is comprised of designated representatives from each of the affiliated and financial clubs.

Adelaide University Soccer Club Board

The Adelaide University Soccer Club is led by a Board which manages the strategic activities of the club. The day to day and operational requirements are led by the Operations Manager. Management of teams is undertaken by coordinators and volunteers within each respective squad or age group.

If you have something you need to bring to the attention of the Board, please contact the Operations Manager.

David Storey
David StoreyPresident
Andres Munoz Lamilla
Andres Munoz LamillaChairperson
Kieron Weatherill
Kieron WeatherillHonorary Secretary
Margaux Hurley
Margaux HurleyHonorary Treasurer
Alun Cooksley
Alun CooksleyDeputy President
Alysia Panagakos
Alysia PanagakosDeputy President
Emi Soulio
Emi SoulioDeputy President
Alistair Campbell
Alistair CampbellCommittee member
Chantelle Bardadyn
Chantelle BardadynCommittee member
Eric Sialas
Eric SialasCommittee member
Frank Grauso
Frank GrausoCommittee member
Michael Tedesco
Michael TedescoCommittee member
Steve Bresolin
Steve BresolinCommittee member
Brie Hamersley
Brie HamersleyCommittee member
  • President – David Storey
  • Chairman – Andres Munoz Lamilla
  • Honorary Secretary – Kieron Weatherill
  • Honorary Treasurer – Margaux Hurley
  • Deputy Presidents – Alun Cooksley, Alysia Panagakos, Emi Soulio
  • Committee members – Alistair Campbell, Chantelle Bardadyn, Eric Sialas, Frank Grauso, Michael Tedesco, Steve Bresolin, Brie Hamersley.
  • Chairperson – Bing Yap
  • President – Dr Bill Hill
  • Deputy presidents – Stephen Bresolin, Alun Cooksley, Lucinda Duxbury
  • Honorary Secretary – Lucas Barsby
  • Honorary Treasurer – Julio Angulo-Cubias
  • Committee members – Chantelle Bardadyn, Karan Dhar, Jordan Fighera, Briarna Hamesley, Eric Sialas, Emiliana Soulio, Kieron Weatherill

Web & Communications Team

Sam Le Gallou
Sam Le GallouOnline Communications Manager
Campbell Hodgins
Campbell HodginsDigital Content Creator
Eleni Vosnakis
Eleni VosnakisDigital Content Guru
Jordan Fighera
Jordan FigheraDigital Content Curator
Joe Windows
Joe WindowsWeb Developer & Systems Integration Engineer

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