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Notable Intervarsity Events

1936  Initiated Intervarsity Soccer v MU and SU with official letters.

1947  Hosted first official Soccer Intervarsity

1965  Host

Major Achievements

1953-4 Competition WINNERS (Men)

1957  Competition WINNERS (Men) 3 way tie!

1959  Chen Cup (Best Sportsmanship and appearance)

1961  Chen Cup (Best Sportsmanship and appearance)

1964  Men Runners Up

2002  Men and Women Runners Up

2007  Men Runners Up

Note: AU Archives have no results after 1976, AUG sport annual reports show that AUSC did not compete in any intervarsity soccer competitions from 1977-199

Australian University Games Results 1997+

199812th /1610th/10
1999no team8th/14
2000no team8th/15
20072nd/13 (Div 2)no team
200810th/10no team
200910th/10no team

Green and Gold

Individuals selected for Possible Australian University Games team. As an initial IV this would play against local State teams.

1961  N. Thompson (L/back)

1964  Des Geary & R. Kiet; Reserves: William Hill, W. Vassos

2003  Anthony Farrante (M), Ashleigh Smith (W)

2005  David Tassone (M), Angie Paspaliaris (W), Anne-Marie Ralph (W)

2006  Jimmy Liapis (M) Gemma Acland (W), Anne-Marie Ralph (W), Ashleigh Smith (W), Roushan Walsh (W)

2007  Andrew Manto (M), David Tassone (M), Mark Papadimitriou (M), Elias Vlassis

2008  Stefan Miraglia

The University Challenge Shield Winners:

(Supplied by Melbourne University)
Played between Melbourne, Monash and Adelaide University S.C.’s

1986 AUSC
1987 Monash Uni.
1988: AUSC
1989: AUSC

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