Whether you’re an Adelaide University Soccer Club member, or are playing against us next weekend – you’re welcome to use the Adelaide University Soccer Club logo in your artwork and graphics. However, we ask that you follow the advice below when using our brand.

Primary logo

The primary AUSC logo is black and white. Please use the logo in its entirety – so don’t crop it, remove sections or manipulate parts of it. Please ensure the aspect ratio and quality is maintained – our media team get grumpy when they see stretched and pixelated logos.

We’ve provided this logo in PNG format with a transparent background.

Download Primary logo
AUSC Primary Logo

Secondary logos

Adelaide University Soccer Club secondary logos represent four social men’s teams within our club. These are – AUSC Black (both SAASL and Collegiate), AUSC White, AUSC Graduates Red and AUSC Graduates Blue.

If promoting one of these teams, it is acceptable to use that team’s logo. It is perfectly reasonable to use our primary logo in place of a secondary logo. Multiple secondary logos should not appear together in the same artwork, except when the teams are playing each other.

As with the primary logo, please use a secondary logo in its entirety – so don’t change it, squash it or publish in it a way that affects the original.

We have provided these logos in PNG format with a transparent background.

AUSC Black logo
AUSC Black logo
AUSC White logo
AUSC White logo
AUSC Graduates Red logo
AUSC Grads Red logo
AUSC Graduates Blue logo
AUSC Grads Blue logo

Incorrect logo use

Some common misuses of the Adelaide University Soccer Club logo are demonstrated below. We’re sure you agree that you wouldn’t want your club or business logo used in this way.

Incorrect logo use - Disproportionate format

X Disproportionate format

Incorrect logo use - Removed elements

X Removed elements

Incorrect logo use - elements on top of logo

X Design elements on top of logo

Incorrect logo use - cropped

X Cropped

Incorrect logo use - Logo on illegible backgrounds

X Logo illegible due to size and background

Incorrect logo use - Recreation of logo lockup

X Recreation of logo lockup

Incorrect logo use - Distorted

X Distorted

Incorrect logo use - affects

X Added affects*

*OK logo use

  • When you have a challenging or dark background, we don’t mind if you add a subtle white glow to emphasise the logo. This is the exception to the rule about adding affects. But don’t go overboard.
  • Using our logo as a watermark in your design is reasonable providing that a full version of the logo is also used in the artwork.
  • For content posted by official Adelaide University Soccer Club social media accounts, using an AUSC logo in the artwork is optional if the account uses the primary or a secondary logo as its profile picture.


If you are not sure about how to use our logo or you would like to use our logo in a way that’s not outlined above, please don’t hesitate to contact us via web@adelaideunisoccerclub.com. We don’t bite – we just want to make sure our brand is protected and represented in the best way.

OK logo use - white glow

Subtle white glow