Team contacts


State League 2
Coach – TBA
Team manager – TBA
Physiotherapist -TBA

State League reserves
Coach – Steve Garden

State League Under 18s
Coach – TBA

Lucas Barsby

Blacks 1

Team Manager – David Storey 0404 855 784

SAASL Division 2A
Coach – Greg Clarke

SAASL Division 2B (Reserves)

SAASL Division 6 (2C)

Blacks 2

Team Manager – Bing Yap

SAASL Division 3A
Coach – Mohan Kartigeyan

SAASL Division 3B

SAASL Division 7 (3C)

Steve Bresolin


Collegiate Division 1A
Collegiate Division 1B
Collegiate Divison 3B
Collegiate Division 4
Collegiate Division 5

Peter Alevizos

Grads Blue A, B & C

Collegiate Division 2

Women & Juniors

Women’s National Premier League

Coach – Kosta Jaric

Assistant Coach – Andrej Djakovic
Assistant Coach – Mark Bosio
Strength & Conditioning Coach – Joshua Smith
Statistician/GPS/Team Manager – Georgio Profiris

Premier League Reserves

Coach – Alex Macdonald

Women’s coordinator

Chantelle Bardadyn / Brie Hamersley

Social women

Division 1
Coach – Sam Aukland

Division 2
Coach – Thierry Folly

Division 3
Coach – TBA

Division 4 Women
Coach – TBA

Division 5 Women
Coach – TBA

Junior Coordinator / Child Safety Officer

Helen Doufos

Technical director

Mark Bosio

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Junior Coordinator / Child Safety Officer

Mal Duxbury

Technical director

Javier Victorica

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