William Bill “Charlton” Hill started his illustrious soccer career with Leicester in the English Second Division before leading the Australian National Team to the 1974 World Cup Finals. After a heroic effort against the Germans where he left Hoeness scoreless, the Aussies claimed their first point against Chile. The fifth continent had arrived.

During the tournament, tensions with Captain John Warren and Soccer Australia, played a substantial part in Bill’s decision to retire from international football and to see out his playing career with Grasshoppers Zurich.

On his return to Australia, a restless Bill became one of the many pioneers to strengthen the beautiful game on the homefront.

The year was 1981 when the great man became the founder of Australia’s most glamorous soccer club (possibly the world), the Adelaide Uni White(s). Bill, the father of the flair, created an environment where each player was free to express himself and dazzle his opponents like an exploding sun.

Very much the centre of the team, Bill laboured throughout the eighties with the help of Assistant Coach Ron “Ramsey” Hill, to prepare the club for world domination.

The breakthrough finally arrived, when Bill and Ron’s tireless efforts on the transfer market provided them with a truly international side, whose fame soon began to equal the legendary “Breslau Elf”.

A record breaking ’92 season followed, where the Nappy Sanned ones scored 126 goals in 20 matches and didn’t drop a point to go up to the first division. The foundation for the expansion of the club had been laid. New coaching staff was hired, as Bill preferred the role of mentor and club president in order to develop the Glory Bunch.

Still, anyone who has ever seen him play will bet money on the fact, that even when he is a hundred years old, he will still come off the bench, put one in the top corner and show us how to “keep it on the deck”.

Viva El Cid Bill !!!

“Kick it in the air on the ground” – Bill

“We’d do better if we put the ball in the goals” – Bill

Sprinting practice: “Start with little steps and then get bigger as you go faster” – Bill

“At least my name doesn’t rhyme!” – Some antagonist