The world famous Diego Amando Maradona came from a junior football team called The Little Onions who were champions in their time and this year marks the arrival of our own French Little Onion who was discovered by the Friends of the Whites.

Only once in more than a decade we see a player like Vincent and not since a Bosnian called Bignose in the early nineties have I seen the complete midfielder who can dribble, shoot, header, turn left and right, run at defences and score at high pace.

Having grown up in the tough outer suburbs of Paris where if you win away, the home team supporters might chase you with sticks and chains for revenge, he finds himself in the CSL where toughness might be when your team mate puts an M&M in your beer after the game.

Having played for bigger clubs on the flank he is enjoying his new central role, where his greatest memory was playing with his best friends back home where they lost only one game in a season, went to represent their state and were profiled in their local paper.

He has shown our club what it is like to be a footballer and has inspired the young and maybe the old to have one more crack at the title before it is too late.

So watch this space as we have V and his countryman G who may contend to be remembered amongst Uni White urban legends such as American Mike and as the quote went after his first game for the Glamour “I would have paid money to see that”.