In a career which began back in 1995 at The Whites, Tony Duffy was recruited to the club by enigmatic player/coach Kevin Pickleman. Tony immediately made an impact as a key component of the A’s rock solid defensive unit (along with Chris Pazios, Dennis Kraijibrink & Con Papadopolous). With the highlight of Tony’s Whites career being the 1996 Collegiate Cup win. The following season however was a struggle, as injuries & distractions limited Tony’s on field performance.

Tony’s reputation for sex, drugs & rock & roll soon became too much for the Whites management to handle & the Whites manager John Whitehouse, placed Duffy on the transfer market.

At the beginning of the 1998 season Tony was destined for Europe, being traded to London Giants ‘Old Alpertonians’ in a trade deal which netted Tim Capp after a three way deal.

The move to European football was a fruitful one, with Tony quickly establishing himself as west London’s most feared Sunday leaguer. After six glittering years in England though, the lure of the White became too strong & by mid 2003, Tony was again a Whites player, signing for a record fee & vowing to end his career at the club where it all began.

Duffy is now passing on his vast experience of the world game to the young B’s defence, who appear to be learning fast such radical moves as ‘the offside trap’ amongst other setups.

Tony Duffy, Career games: 63, Goals: 0