2000: Timmy (aka Kevin K of Super 5) joins the Whites along with Wookie in a Yak promoted cricket exchange program with Unley Cricket Club. He starts well in the midfield scoring in his second game. But alas, as with the Wook, the pull of the pub was too much for Tim.

2002: In a semi-triumphant return to the whites Timmy (whilst touring with Super 5) manages to join the Whites again, but shin splints keep him to just a handful of games.

2003: Returns in full flight and in fine form. Has made the right side of the B’s midfield his own this year with his quality reading of the play and his trademark shot over the bar.

Graeme: from 2000 end of year speech

Tim Smith (8 votes) – Improved a tremendous amount during the year and became an automatic selection on the left side as a hard running hard tackling player.

Profile 2: Tim Smith (Debbie Harry) – by Graeme (2001)

Poor Tim’s knee injury has restricted him to a few cameos this season but we all hope he gets it right for next year. The peroxide blonde looks and the flashing smile are a necessary part of the glamour of the Whites. Being a friend of Ben’s and Saf’s he has done well to be as good at soccer as he is.