The man, the myth, the legend in his own lunch time!

Timothy Eloise Levett was created in a lab experiment in Sydney in the late 1970’s. To the shock of the scientists, who were trying to find a way to control the increasing rabbit population in outback New South Wales, a small child was born!

Raised on a rich diet of Rugby Union, exotic beer and extreme winter sports, Tim lived a quiet childhood. As he reached his teenage years, a burning desire to become more like his childhood hero, Wally from the Where’s Wally books, had taken hold. So he decked himself out in his now trademark glasses and a bad skivvy, and set off around the globe.

On these travels he met his better (maybe) half, Kerry… who he now resides with along with fellow whites players Simon “Schrappers” Capp. Upon arriving back in Australia, Tim moved to the bustling metropolis of Adelaide, where he caught up with a man he had met on his world travels… Steve “Yak” Safralidis! Incidentally, Steve is now the world Where’s Wally spotting champion! The Yak convinced Tim to come out to play for a glamour team in a real code of football.

Mid 2003 marked the debut of Tim “Bullion” Levett, and an impressive debut it was, setting up a goal, and completing several passes on the wing! He has since made himself a feature of both the B’s midfield and the WDXI.

A big future is in store for this young mistake of science, and it’s one that everyone at the Stadium of White is waiting eagerly for!

“Two, ten, doesn’t matter how many, just as long as it’s happening.” – Tim on the joys of having a variety of partners, in front of live-in girlfriend