Sunny arrived to the Uni Whites at a couple of training sessions late in 2006, as the season was winding up.

Sunny had a penchant for rounding half his opponents, and then doing it all again just for fun. It was instantly noticeable that this kid could play.

We asked him if he’d come out for us next season, and to my surprise – he did.

Sunny started the season in the B’s, but after a couple of dominant displays in the centre of midfield (particularly vs Unley), Jim decided to slot Sunny into the A’s.

Since then, Sunny’s been a regular fixture in the A’s squad, where his strength and ferocious tackling have been a feature of his game.

In addition to being a gun soccer player, Sunny’s also a full time student and drives a taxi by night. Unfortunately I didn’t hear the story myself, but I’ve been told to mention a $13 taxi ride in this profile for some reason?