1999: Made first Whites appearance at the FA Cup Final at Leo’s, and then 1 unofficial appearance in a cup game at Flinders, setting up the winner in a 4-3 game. (Still contracted to Cumberland at the time).

2000-01: Joined the Whites under the advice of much more talented & wise older brother Cam. Started quite slowly from a drinking point of view, but made up for it with a huge tally of goals (about 26) in his debut season, to be the catalyst for another A’s league win. More goals in 2001 (around 20) and another championship, but must be reminded of the goal he missed at Hindmarsh to lose us the Cup Final (heading over from 3 yards with not even the keeper to beat).

2002: Was a bit of a disappointment at The Whites, with no title or Cup win & Strop with only 15 goals. He decided that this was too much, had to leave the club to sulk, and took a job in the Hell-hole that is Hamilton Island.

Currently the only guy involved with the club to come anywhere near to matching Marty with the ladies, Strop has been known to be quite ruthless with girls. Fortunately, the Whites Culture has enveloped him and he now proudly holds down a squad position in The Drinking XI.

Whites Career: Games 60; Goals 55-60; Women 13 and counting (not including one-night-stands)