“Had it covered…” For close to a decade this catch cry could be heard at the Stadium of White. It was usually said by Steve, and nearly always just after an opposition striker had rattled a stinging shot against the cross bar or flicked a header just over. Whilst his comments were often questionable, his keeping rarely was, as Steve was the Uni Whites number 1 keeper during the ‘Golden Age’ of the whites.

Steve possessed safe hands & a good soccer brain (not to mention chicken legs), and this was enough to ensure he was the Uni Whites Number 1 during the successful Collegiate cup campaigns of 1996 & 1999. Steve left the club some time around 2000, as goal keeping was beginning to take its toll on his body & he looked for new challenges.

He was soon at the USA Comets & it was for this club that 2 very memorable moments occurred. The first was Steve coming off the bench for USA and netting 2 goals AGAINST the whites in a 3-2 loss, while the 2nd occurred while Steve was the unfortunate man in goals when Graeme Jackson finally broke his 8 year scoring drought, and after scoring kissed Steve who was kneeling after missing the save.

This year though, Steve is back where he belongs – the Uni Whites, some times deputising in goals & other times making important cameo’s in the Whites defence & midfield. “Had it covered”! Indeed.