Beefy Thornett is a Uni Whites legend from way back, and despite a chequered history, he can truly be considered to be one of the true believers.

In his early days at the Whites, Steve played in the old black and grey chequered shirt as if there was no tomorrow as he streaked up and down the field like a bolt of lightning. Combining with Armin to score multiple goals, Steve was a hero to many, and an enigma to all. The fact he was bosom bodies with Alex and John Whitehouse was a concern to many of us, but we were willing to forgive him… until…

…his name became mud at the Whites for a few years when he jumped ship to go and play for one of the evil empires at the Blues, who promptly won the triple crown, mainly thanks to his goal scoring efforts.

Beefy did not come out of this era unscathed of course as he found that he had many stud marks down the back of his legs, compliments of Jan, Dave Sampson and anyone else from the Whites that was quick enough to get close enough to him to foul him. As many of us would know, Beefy spends a lot of his time on the soccer field on the ground, but this reached new levels of absurdity in his games against the Whites as he became target number one.

The highlight of Steve’s years at the Blues was the cup semi final between the Whites and the Blues, when the Blues were leading 1-0 with two minutes to go, until up popped Jim Vinecombe to score two goals and send the Blue’s packing. Steven had never been happier and the Whites laughed really hard too.

Time passed of course and then Beefy realised the error of his ways, and he came home to where he truly belonged. A person can only take so much of Chris Hartley you know.

The Whites of course moved on to further glory with Steve playing a major part (especially in celebrating the league and cup double by drinking scotch out of the cup with American Mike) until finally this year, Steve achieved true legend status and was accorded his life long nickname of Beefy. To be fair, he had only put on a little bit of weight from eating too much roast chicken and beef, but when Dennis said he was looking a bit chubby his fate was sealed.

Steve this year has become a true club man by playing some games in the B’s where he has thoroughly enjoyed being looked after by a good coach. I reckon old Beefy has a few more trophies left in him yet….but he is going to have to win them himself as he is a Southampton supporter, and will be achieving no glory in that direction.