With Cobra forces the world over defeated – but for how long? – Scotty “Sergeant Slaughter” thought it was time to put his training into use and give unsuspecting Collegiate league defenders some of the “tough stuff”. Proving you can take the boy out of the army but you can’t take the army out of the boy, in his short stint as a White he can be heard across any field on any given Saturday barking orders at unsuspecting “glamour” defenders who he feels are not giving their all. Opposition attackers also beware as Scotty takes out your legs like you are nothing more than a “civilian”

So as the Sergeant runs onto a field near to you, with the verses of Metallica’s “wherever I may roam” blazing through our heads, we are reminded of why we needed Scott at the whites. This free spirited midfielder is not confined by the word “structure” or “formation” much like the Army, he will be wherever he is needed or wherever there is a resource that we may want.

Rumour has it that Action figures will be available just in time for Christmas, so get in quick.