In season 2009 the whites were blessed with the addition of the Edwards brothers Scott and Russ. Despite their quite obvious differences in appearance (and the fact that Russell nearly ALWAYS wore a ‘Rusty’ t-shirt to trainings), nearly the whole squad continually got the brothers names wrong.

Despite the continual breakdowns in communication with Scotty (or was that Rusty?), he started off with a bang – scoring on debut and playing in either the wide winger or target man roles. Scott’s speed and fitness really proved to be an asset for the Whites and on field he soon became our main goal scoring weapon, ending the year as the A’s top scorer with 7 goals.

Off field Scotty also provided good value, with his wife providing us with plenty of ammunition. ‘Epilady’ was a semi-regular at the pub (although the immaculately dressed Scott was always on his way to something else… Usually involving a plethora of beautiful, scantily clad women. Or so he said) and was always a favourite guy to give a bit of stick to.

2010 has seen Scotty move from the A’s to the B’s, due to a restricted pre-season, but the goals are still flowing and I don’t think it’ll be long before he gets back into the first team.