It’s been a long & arduous road to the Stadium of White for this relative newcomer – who took up the beautiful game at the tender age of 5. With a playing history that includes stints at Salisbury City, Fulham Utd & Western District Toros – Ryan truly feels he has found a home within the family-friendly club. Seems the mighty “Junior Whites” squad has found a couple more recruits…

Ryan’s attacking flair has seen him begin to form an intimidating partnership with fellow front man – Chris Baxter. This duo is sure to cause a few defence lines some nightmares in the months to come.

A man whose football idols include such legends as Rooney, Ronaldo & our very own Jim Muir (way to wrap the coach!) – Ryan is looking to remain injury-free & instil a “legacy of success” in the squad.

Glad to have you aboard tiger…

Dave talks to Ryan:

Your age now?

Your age when you first started playing football?
Tender age of 5

likes – anything soccer, dislikes – anything not soccer

Right or left footed?
Right footed

Previous football clubs?

  • 2007 Uni Whites
  • 2006-07 Western District Toros (joined aged 22 – never actually played a proper match with them due to first year with club sustaining calf injury, then losing my license for various speeding offences, something I’m proud to say I do not do any more, and then having our second child, all in the space of about a month),
  • 1998-99 Fulham United (aged 15 playing in the adult team – was quite a buzz to be that young and still getting subbed on to play in an adult environment),
  • 1995-96 Salisbury City White (joined aged 11),
  • 1991-94 Elizabeth Vale Hornets (joined aged 8),
  • 1988-90 Elizabeth Grove Juniors (joined aged 5)

Favourite line or saying?
Imagine all the AFL players of yesterday and today, and now take away footy and imagine that instead they were introduced to soccer, what quality our country would have!!

Preferred position?
Striker, attacking midfielder, right winger

Favourite players?
Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Fernando Torres, Jim Muir (Whites coach – I personally think he’s the best I have ever had the pleasure of being coached by)

Your most proud Whites moment so far?
I’m two games in since I joined 3 weeks ago, nothing spectacular has happened for me yet.

Describe yourself in just one sentence…
Simply mad about soccer, my gorgeous family, and to achieve the most so I can leave a legacy of success wherever I go.