Robby is possibly the only player in the Whites fold, who could pick up chicks by mentioning a decent soccer club he has previously played for (ie. Adelaide City). A man who seemingly will not age, he quickly gave away his secret identity by wearing his trademark green tracksuit pants for every practice session.

Yes, he is the Green Lantern of fiction. However, as we all know his ring is much less important than his elbows or knees, which truly have magical powers. After all, is it coincidence that all Coolegiate League referees know him by his first name? Surely not.

Robby’s main strength is encouraging younger players. The dulcet tones of his voice gently remind them of their defensive duty and in the years he has worn the paper colours, no one has ever heard a rash or harsh word pass his lips.

He is also well known for his positive attitude to fair play. If an attacker has managed to work his way around his corner shop of elbows, Robby is happy enough to applaud his efforts and would never think of taking him down, if he couldn’t reach him.

The pasta machine is a credit to Italy’s heritage of soccer greats. However, many are still puzzled by his perfect heading in his own box which is in stark contrast to his shoulder wobbles when he is aiming for goal.

Stanley Matthews may have played for Blackpool in his fifties, but it is widely predicted that Robby will play for the As until we need to wheel him on the pitch and then it may be time for him to step down to the Bs.

Robby’s coaching clinics as part of the Whites junior development have been very successful. “Play the man, even if you do have to play the ball” has become the motto of many hopeful youngsters and it’s great to see Robby giving back to the community in this way.

Bello calcio, bello Robby.