After a stellar mixed netball career which took “henna” to the lofty heights of the woodlands indoor sports centre front bar, and a brief stint taking money off north london’s homeless playing five-a-side while drunk on the tube, Pete joined the Whites on a freelance basis towards the end of the 2005 season.

He was quickly romanced by the glamour, saying that the sight of Bill Hill striding out to pick up the nets on a saturday made him “Go all gooey”, not to mention his love of repeating everything german mike says for his own amusement. Confident that he could win a permanent spot on the left or right hand side of the much vaunted b’s defence, Pistol Pete has become a fixtured utility player off the bench and is making great strides towards his goal of becoming “the new glove”, shutting down collegiate league primadonna’s with far superior natural ability and talent.

When not feeding his roost of poison chickens or scratching around bins for old brashes cd vouchers, Pete can be seen down the port, either kayaking, mixing it with his favourite dredgers or streaming webcams from his landlords beachside flat of the various international recalcitrants who frequent it. A student of the old school “kick it as hard as you can and then worry about where it goes later”, Pete is looking forward to being part of the next generation of whites pub heroes.