The man with the unpronounceable surname became Poland’s brightest Hollywood Star in the 80s when he featured alongside little known American actor Tom Cruise in the action epic “Top Gun”.

As Lt Sergeant Hobbs (Codename: Albatross), he played the part of Cruise’s original wingman with such professional aplomb and cinematic flair that his famous lines:

“Bullshit. I knew your dad. He was a great pilot. So get in there and fly this baby, you crazy son of a bitch”

still gives goosebumps to women all over the world. It has also been recently adopted as the No. 1 motivational speech for the US Marines and our Pauly received an honorary PhD for his efforts.

He then starred in a few cereal commercials and was just in the process of accepting a starring role in Showgirls 2, when a lucrative transfer contract lured him away from his home club Sparta Prague into the folds of the glamour cradle.

The Uni Whites or Le Blanc quickly cherished the services of this gifted whirlwind of dribbling frenzy. Known to accelerate like Michael Schuhmacher, he has been known to score where others fall over the ball or would be lucky to even see the goal. In short Pauly has succeeded to create his own version of Hollywood in the hallowed grounds of the Stadium of White. Long may the legend continue and as Pauly said in his second major scene in “Top Gun”:

“You don’t just fly up there…”

Points to sky

“…you also fly in here”

Points to his heart.

Paul: “What’s the score?”

Rich: “One all”

Paul: “Whose way?”

Profile 2: Paul K (Sausage) by Graeme (2001)

Paul has spent most of the year recovering from an ankle injury but has shown flashes of brilliance. Being Polish he has added a nice touch to the ethnic mix at the club. His left foot shooting is a highlight and hopefully we will team him up with Romanian Mike before the end of the season in what would no doubt be a pass-a-thon.