Continuing the proud Whites tradition of fielding German players of exceptional quality, the mighty Krause came to us from the centre of the beloved Kraut and Beerland to become a midfield Warrior in the Stadium of White.

A star amongst stars, this concoction made from 1/3 Beckenbauer and 2/3 Beckham has quickly become known for both his on and off the field antics.

A man of pointy elbows and a penchant for scoring for the Drinking XI, this modern day Conan has defenders shivering in their boots (unless we are playing PAC and then it’s probably too hot for them to be shivering).

The mists of glory reveal their secrets only to the worthy and Mikey K has wandered through this fog to take his place in the House of Whites legends at the foot of our revered leader Bill Hill.

Krause fur immer.