Brought out by the pocket rocket An some time in 2002 (I think), Kev could not establish himself in the already solid B’s outfit. Seemingly more suited to a Sunday arvo game with the lads, he was more well-known for his acrobatic martial arts kicking on field than his for the number of starts he received. Come the latter part of 2003 however, Kev started to add match day effort to the ability that had already shown itself on occasion.

Kev came out sporadically in early 2004, perhaps due to the large number of players that were present at training. But as all the seasoned campaigners know, pre-season numbers mean nothing, with the ranks always thinning out after the season proper begins. Kev, responding to an SOS email as injuries took their toll, came out again and started playing like a man possessed.

From left back, he seemed to be the B’s most attacking player, (amazingly even more so than Simon Capp from right back!) dribbling around midfielders with confidence.

It all came to the fore against Pulteney in June, when, playing on the wing, Kev scored a his first goal for the club, after a mesmerising run. His confidence showed as he allowed the ball to just trickle passed the keeper, letting him think that maybe he still had a chance to get off the ground and chase after the ball. But no, it was not to be. A well deserved goal, and hopefully the first of many.

There’s also something about a multiple girlfriend disorder… but we’ll just say that the Yak is his idol, and leave it at that (’cause who’s going to believe that anyway??)

But is that where the story ends for Kevin? The word on the street is that the man has left for good. Perhaps the goal was all he wanted and now he is free…? Selfish? Never! Anyone who leaves a wedding to play in the glorious white and white wears it for life! He’ll come back. They always do.