Ahhhhhhhhhh Justin, what can you say about a player with such immense talent…..who is always injured, sick or unavailable.

A great player for the Whites when he is up and firing and one who gives lie to the statement that you play how you train. If this was the case, Justin would spend the whole game on the ground stretching some real or imaginary injury.

Best know for his four goals in only twenty minutes on the field as a substitute, JB can kick like a mule off both sides of his body and is versatile enough to have played almost every position on the ground except for goalkeeper.

Also known for his fashion sense, as he can often be seen wearing a fawny coloured woollen jumper out to training, which I reckon would be especially useful in the wet.

Justin also has a young son, who is amazingly cute (but apparently very accident prone). I guess he gets his looks from his mum.

We all hope that JB is back next year and is fit and well as we need him in our side if we are going to improve on a fourth place finish.