Justin appeared in ’05 and was a little goofy lad, with lots of pace, but we all thought he needed some time in the Gym. After just 1 game in the B’s however, it was obvious that he was good enough to go up. Justin spent the rest of the season in the A’s, often used as a ‘super-sub’ where his running against the tired legs of his opponents was explosive.

After that season though, Justin went missing… The club heard rumours of study or body building (or both) and he was occasionally sighted around Adelaide, but not on the hallowed ‘Stade de White’ turf.

2010 comes around and he’s back – but this time it’s the super-cool version of Justin Kanga… Rarely seen not ‘stylin’, Justin is bringin’ sexy back to the Uni Whites.

Whilst he doesn’t have appeared to have spent any time in the gym at all, Justin has certainly spent some time working on his footwork. This season Justin’s ability to round his opponents and either whip crosses in or shoot has been a huge asset to the team.

With G on the other side, the White’s wide play this season has been outstanding. Here’s hoping we get many more seasons from Justin.

Welcome back to the ‘Bling’.