2007 has proven to be a challenging one so far for this ex Adelaide Comet. Having previously played as a defender – Josh, who rates winter as his least favourite season – decided to make a move to the only position that allows you to wear gloves & full length pants. Stepping into the formidable (and let’s face it – thankless) role of goalkeeper – Josh continues to refine his technique under the watchful eye of Whites goalkeeping stalwart – Dan Aikin (keep an ear out on the training pitch for those dulcet tones of constant ‘encouragement’).

In the tradition of great keepers before him (Grobbelaar, Schmeichel, Bresolin) – Josh has already proven his ability to “bring a man down”. The trick now will be to repeat those efforts sans red card.

Among his many highlights – Josh rates his clean sheet against Unley in his debut season 2006 right up there. With a bagful of clean sheets to his name already in ’07 – things are looking on-track for our man “between the sticks”.

Dave talks to Josh:

Your age now?

Your age when you first started playing football?

Like most stuff. Dislike vegetarian ex-striker deaf, blind, mute & wheelchair ridden umpires who listen to operatic dance music in their traffic congesting soft-roader!

Right or left footed?
Right (though many would say I have 2 left feet!)

When did you join the Whites?
Last year

Previous football clubs?
Adelaide Comets (2005) – played as defender (basically the role you have been doing so far this year)

Favourite line or saying?
Hmmmmm, probably would’ve done that slightly differently if I had the chance again.

Preferred position?
Striker! (preferably sitting on top of them having just caught the ball and taken them out in one fluid simultaneous awe inspiring [non red card inspiring] motion.)

Favourite players?
Just enjoy watching soccer!!

Your most proud Whites moment so far?
Clean sheet in 4-0 win against unley (who are currently top of the table) last year.

Describe yourself in just one sentence…