Jason is a left sided dynamo who was brought to the club by the Blanket at the start of 2003 and has become a permanent fixture on the left side of midfield, that is when the coach is not taking him off after 60 minutes.

Apart from working with Chris and having to miss every cup game on a holiday Monday Jase has fitted brilliantly into the Uni Whites culture. Any suggestion that the best thing he has done for the Club is to bring his cousin Pete along, is merely that, a suggestion, all be it a good one.

Jase possesses a booming left foot shot but like most of us, can’t kick it over a jam tin with his right foot. Jason showed great mental strength and restraint in the game when Kevin was playing left back and spent the whole game ahead of him on the pitch and is the epitome of a true team player.

A great taker of corners when Wez will let him, Jason is an invaluable asset to the B’s team and among the fist picked every week (yes even when we have more than eleven to chose from).

Just a shame like the Blanket he has the huge character flaw of following Port Adelaide. Hopefully he can stay out of jail.