Born from an egg on a mountain top… Sure, it’s the theme song to Monkey Magic, but any defender who’s had the misfortune of running into Heath at full flight would attest those words were written for him.

Heath is entering his 3rd year at the Uni Whites and has been a rock at the back in many a foray. Built like a Sherman Tank and with an attitude that matches, he’s a fearsome competitor and certainly ruffles a few feathers amongst our collegiate league opponents.

In addition to this, Heath has an excellent soccer brain and when playing he spends much of his time shouting out orders to his fellow players, thus ensuring our structure remains in place.

For a man who is 100kg of pure muscle, Heath has also proven to be a super athletic goalie with an amazing spring. Unfortunately and also surprising for someone so solidly built, he’s also managed to snare more than his fair share of injuries, with shoulders and back being the common culprit.

When on the field though, Heath has proven to be a reliable, solid goal keeper and on field leader that is so desperately needed at the club.

The Whites are hoping we can keep him on the park this year and move on to bigger and better things… Like notching up clean sheets or yellow cards… or both…