Geroge is only a recent addition to the Uni Whites, after spending many years at rivals ‘Uni Blacks’ as well as a short stint at Enfield to boot.

It took the Uni Whites committee many years of attempted transfers before we finally put an offer on the table sizeable enough to secure the services of the man they call Boots!

Why do they call him Boots? Some say it’s because of his sublime foot-skills and silky manoeuvres on the football field. Whilst others declare vehemently that it’s to do with his general rough play and willingness to ‘stick the boot in’ while his opponents are down.

Still others realise it’s to do with his formidable shoe collection.. It’s rumoured that Imelda Marcos herself once made a visit to George’s home town in Singapore just to admire the quality and indeed the quantity of both male and female foot-wear in George’s possession.

But I digress…

George has been a very handy pick-up for the Whites in the past two seasons. Mainly playing in the midfield where his endurance, tacking and passing are well utilised, though this season has seen a transformation of George into a genuine utility player. He’s played at left and right back as well as up front and is able to adapt to all roles.

In addition to that, George’s cheery nature and love of a ‘cold one’ has seen him establish himself as a regular ‘Drinking XI’ candidate… And we all know this is the preferred playing position of any serious Uni White player.