In a football career spanning 2 decades at the Stadium of White, there’s not a lot this man hasn’t done. From his humble beginnings, joining the club along with his gothic compatriots Jan Pfitzner & Armin Mayer, Eric quickly established himself as a key defender (but always with an eye for goal).

The highlights came quickly enough with Eric being a member of the legendary 1992 team which won the A2 division by a massive margin… There followed a long period as both Eric and the whites went from strength to strength.

By 1998 Eric was the A’s captain and marshalled a super experienced backline along with Rob, Shacky & John Roberts. The Uni White’s back 4 was the toughest, meanest & just plain dirtiest defence in the league.

Not long after this Eric went into retirement, after all there wasn’t much left to achieve on a football field, Eric had already been an A2 Champion, an A1 Champion, won the Pre-Season cup and the Collegiate Cup… We all thought that may have been the last the Whites would see of the big German…. NOT SO

The year is 2007, the call for a coach of the B’s had gone unheard… Eric Priebe steps into the fold, fresh from a month in the Caribbean watching Australia sweep all before them at the cricket world cup, Eric has been taking notes & will bring these methods and more to the football field of the Uni Whites B’s!

Welcome back Mr Priebe… and COME ON UNI WHITE!!!