It is said that if you stop and listen to the wind, you may just hear a change coming…….

This particular wind had an east coast odour (probably Tooheys) and red & green jim jams (from the South Sydney shop in Redfern) and almost blew straight into to the clutches of the blacks. It was only the keen nose of whites used to such strange eastern smells that guided his course and landed Dave a starring role at ‘Stade de White’.

Transferred from the tough Sydney amateur poker circuit to the trials and tribulations of the collegiate league, it has been a successful start to the season at right midfield for the man named Couri. Its no wonder he’s carving up the opposition when you look at his sheer speed and muscular physique, picture a stick man at half pace.

But as with all good men that turn their red blood cells to white, if you can’t find Dave chasing down opposition, sinking a couple with the boys after a game or working in the Uniwhites crèche, then you’re not looking hard enough.

Famous last words: “From this moment on, I’m not dipping my pen in the company ink or shitting in my own backyard”