Since he has joined the club, Danny has established himself as one of the Whites goalkeeping greats. An ex-childcare worker and kindergarten teacher, Danny turned to soccer for therapeutic reasons and has made great progress in his anger management classes.

That’s why he now always has a friendly word of advice or encouragement for a beaten opponent. He even let’s them choose from three options:

  1. Losing is nature’s way of saying you suck.
  2. You suck.
  3. You and your mates are a bunch of

If you’ve seen some of the saves Danny has made in matches you would have to agree that Gordon Banks is a

In fact the only reason why Schwarzenegger or van Damme have never been goalkeepers in movies is because they’re

Clint Eastwood? Yeah Danny  him.

He was also rumoured to have been Stallone’s goalkeeping coach in “Escape to Victory” and, as we all know, Sly gave a sterling performance as the man who should have stuck to boxing.

The great Aikin spent most of one season playing keeper for the As and the Bs, because there was no other goalkeeper available to carry the burden. Like Atlas he carried the club on his mighty shoulders, until Jewel Jackson stepped in to help out.

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t swap Danny for Seaman, Kahn or Given, because:

  1. they’re
  2. Danny once played in the Muppets Band
  3. no other keeper would put up with the As

Being a goalkeeper is possibly the toughest job on the pitch. It gets lonely, man. Word. And Danny has spent many hours watching us up all over the place and why…

…because we’re

So raise your glasses in appreciation of the great man and toast to Danny as his eyes find yours and he says with feeling:

“Ey, what are you looking at, pretty boy?”

A legend in our time.