By the age of 14 Bax knew he wasn’t going to follow the path of most people, not for him the desk job, family, car, house… Chris knew that he was going to be a warrior, a soldier… a mercenary.

His first tour of duty was with Pembroke general army, where he soon earned a reputation as a skilled marksman, if occasionally a little impetuous & highly strung. Rumour has it that one fateful afternoon in the jungles of Rostrevor, Bax notched up 4 kills in less than an hour of combat, from that point on he was hard to stop.

The war for Pembroke soon grew wearisome however and before long, he’d moved further afield, signing up as a sniper for the PAOC (Popular Angry Ordinaries of Columbia).

Bax only had a short tour with the boys in red, but in that time still managed 3 confirmed hits defending the turf of Victoria Park against group of marauding CBCOC’ers…

Once that tour was over however, Chris jumped at the opportunity to lead from the front for the legendary Uni Whites, the meanest, toughest mercenary corp in the league. Chris struggled in his first few battles, as his usually impeccable aim left him. It all came flooding back though as double hits in a recent melee got his game & specifically his shooting back on track.

The Mercenary is back… and he’s not happy!