A self-described ladies man – he is the true “Cass-anova” of the Uni Whites.

After cutting his teeth as a junior at Lismore Thistles and Lennox Head Sharks – Cass was eventually lured to the glamour club with promises of big match payments, fast cars and fast women. Unfortunately – these were promises that would later prove to be false.

Now the lone Everton fan amongst the Whites – Cass, for some reason, lists his football hero as none other than Manchester United talisman – Ryan Giggs. It’s not hard to see why. With the exception of blistering pace, a decent left foot & Ryan’s penchant for backgammon – the resemblance is uncanny. Both Ryan & Cass are 31 years old.

“Mama” Cass has brought to the team his wealth of experience – and his extensive knowledge of fine wines. And just like a fine wine – Cass only expects to get better with age.

Famous Quote: “I’m open to bribery, a carton of pale and I’ll be yours for life.” – Cass during his wedding vows

(Note – Cass’ “carton of pale” comment may have been quoted out of context & may not have actually occurred during his nuptials).

Dave talks to Cass:

Your age now?

Your age when you first started playing football?

Like da food, da beer an da wimmin!

Married to Melanie, should have introduced you on the weekend.

Right or left footed?
Bit of both, although usually two left feet

Previous football clubs?
Lismore Thistles Juniors, Italo Stars & Lennox Head Sharks.

Preferred position?
Any, just as long as I’m on the pitch.

Favourite players or club?
Everton, the only team in Liverpool. Favourite player would be Ryan Giggs.

Your most proud Whites moment so far?
Just being part of the glamour.

Describe yourself in just one sentence…
Hanged by the neck until ye be dead…Oh, not that kind of sentence. Um, Casanova, world’s greatest lover, need I say more?