Calum is the epitome of the saying once a Scotsman always a Scotsman. Right from his language, custom and dress sense, he truly is a “non-cool” individual. But this is why we love him. Aussies love an easy target you know.

Cal arrived at the Club in the 2002 season, and immediately made an impression with his silky skills, hard running and deceptive pace. Not to mention his bandages, his shorts with pockets and his almost impenetrable Scottish accent.

It wasn’t really until the 2003 season though that Calum came of age as an A team regular with his flying runs down the “middle” of the park and his constant refrain of “in the middol, in the middol” (authentic Scottish spelling provided by Cal himself).

He finally got his shooting boots on and scored some cracking goals this year, most of this I think due to the fact he finally managed to allow for the bend provided by the ridiculous amount of vinyl tape that he has stuck around his boots just to keep them together. Who said Scots were tight wads??

Cal also has the distinction of being the only player in Whites history to score a hat trick before half time in a game and then get taken off!!

Calum’s wife and family have been regular attendees on the sidelines this year and in many cases the Uni South pitch has looked more like a crèche than an internationally renowned soccer stadium. There might be more than one reason for that!

Cal has also been a valuable member of the Uni Whites drinking eleven as he has somehow managed to juggle family and speech therapy commitments to sink many a pint of pale ale with the boys at either the O’Connell, the British or at Mojo’s. Drinking is second nature to Calum in fact, given that he is a Scotsman and believe it or not is actually studying bio-chemistry in the specialised area of beer brewing. (This is why he is going back home to Scotland in a job as an accountant!! -weird lad).

So when the sun goes down on Cal’s Uni Whites career at the end of the 2003 season, he shall have left an indelible legacy at the Club, namely, that he and Tim Fosdike probably go to the same fashion consultant!! (Actually it’s a shame Cal didn’t win the B’s best and fairest as he would have looked right at home in that jacket)