2002: To the big mans credit he won the B’s top club man, in his first season at the whites. And then failed to turn up to the biggest whites do of the season, his presentation. And the winner of the top club man for 2002, Andrew Foley…

He constantly demands that he be put into the midfield, “sometimes you’ve got to leave your man and follow the ball”. Makes sense, I guess… especially when playing stopper!! Bringing to the Bs a brilliant skill set, his is a mix of the hard hitting AFL and the silky skills of the Primera Liga. Its an interesting mix not seen in the Whites since that famous man Shane Caverny.

2003: A turbulent start to the season, sees Psycho scoring two own goals, and giving away a couple of penalties. Andy has already picked up a number of votes for Player of the Season, and is the rock that the mighty Bs are building there success around.

Andy has done a sterling job over the past two years, but will always be remembered for those extra special foreign superstars he brings into the club:

  • David: the guy who broke Nick’s leg
  • Goalie: the superstar goalie who stayed for one training session. I question Big Dan’s involvement.
  • Dan: the colombian playmaker, who was in town for 4 weeks, trained once and played 3 games.
  • French Guy: who was more interested in taking photos of Adelaide than doing the business.
  • Diego: the guy John stole from the Bs.


“You’re giving me a heart attack” – Capp

“I’m having a stroke, call 911” – Capp

“That’s how you do it” – Capp after clearing the ball passed the Whites’ goals, and not into them

“Play the ball, not the man” – our opposition