2007 – The year of the Gentleman

In a season where the Uni Whites have had more personnel changes that the cast of Neighbours, at least 1 import looks set to stay.

Alex arrived at pre-season with the belly of a young Graeme Jackson & the goatee of a current Bill Hill, his 2.2k runs were unexceptional, but with a ball under his feet he moved with the grace & poise of an early 90’s Jan Pfitzner. This early promise continued to be evident as Alex proceeded to lose 20kg throughout the season (though not the goatee) and along with Mr Jackson now commands a 6 figure sum for a certain healthy food product which cannot be named in this forum.

Alex had become the utility player of the Whites by mid season, playing everywhere except in goals (but that’s only because Sab wouldn’t let him), but unfortunately an ankle injury has put an early end to his season this year.

All indications though are, that 2007 will be a bumper year for Alex, with the pounds dropping, the promise of a new contract, a list of hair stylists waiting to shave his chin and fan mail pouring in from the Whites faithful. Perhaps for the Whites 2007 will be known as: The Year of The Gentleman…