Well, after the unbelievable events of the D’s game, we stayed on to see if the C’s would play, if there would be a referee & if there would actually be a ground that wasn’t knee deep in mud/water/ibis.

With the A’s & B’s playing on Friday night, the C’s had some scope to bring in a couple of guns. Anoop & Zidan coming in off the bench & they also welcomed the returning Amos after his brief & not so fruitful adventures with Pultney (Welcome back mate), Big Dan also stepped into the goals, with Matt being a late withdrawal.

Early on, the C’s looked impressive, despite the wet conditions our passing & ball control really was at another level to Immanuel, the back 4 of Kirst, Lev, Bocky & Matty were in control, and were also allowed enough time to measure their passes, giving our midfield a lot of scope.

It therefore came as no surprise when Zidan opened the scoring with a beautifully placed chip from just outside the box – the Immanuel keeper did get a glove on it, but only enough to allow it to sneak in at the far post. At this point Fairuz deciced, anything you can do, i can do better. After being put through with a lovely passing play, Fairuz lined the keeper up from about 30 yards & chipped it – this one though the keeper was unable to touch & it really was a magnificent finish.

The C’s weren’t done though, as late in the half, Fairuz managed to out manouver & out hussle 2 Immanuel defenders & then somehow sneak his shot in before the diving goal-keeper whilst being fouled for a 3 nil score line.

At the half, an exhausted & sore Fairuz made way for Anoop as we looked to extend our lead. Unfortunately though, the boys switched off, particularly the midfield who were playing too high a line. This turned the second half into a straight shoot out. First Immanuel scored after we were caught on the break, then we scored through Simon who was given a nice through ball from Anoop. Then Immanuel scored again, as their speedy striker broke free (but again there were acres in the midfield) only for Manny to strike again to make it 5-3. Somewhere in here Amos came on for Wez &  Harry for Lev, but the key move was Leachy & Manny pushing into a defensive midfield formation in front of the backs.
As soon as this happened we steadied the ship & for the last 15 minutes we were in complete control. Amos put the icing on the cake to end the day at 6-3..

A crazy result, on a crazy day. but we’ll take the win.

That’s it.