Again, i didn’t actually see the entire game, but what i saw was worthy of reporting on – especially as no one else has bothered to…

The A’s were up against our new nemesis Sacred Heart, whom we famously defeated in the Collegiate Cup Final in 2012 (nobody mention the Super Cup). Contests with them are always physical encounters & this one proved to be no different.

Whilst our starting XI looked pretty strong, it was interesting to see that all 4 subs had already played for the B’s – i was hopeful this wouldn’t turn out to bite us in the backside…

Early on things were pretty even, but with former Uni White hatchet-man Jacki as referee, there was a lot going on that just wasn’t being picked up for free kicks. This seemed to encourage the Sacred Heart boys to come in late & hit pretty hard – particularly on Rob & Alex – who seemed to be pretty popular with a couple of the neanderthal Sacred Heart players.

Sacred Heart were pumping a lot of balls into the box, but Dan was having an absolute field day & just owned the box. He was also called in to make a 1-on-1 save, which he got the big mits onto & safely pushed the ball wide. This definitely pumped the boys up (Dan inlcuded) and we raised the intensity,

Neither team were looking all that dangerous though when we were given a free kick about 25 yards out. Mr Angry – Steve came up to take the kick & curled it deliciously over the wall & in the near corner…. 1-0.

The second goal was one for the ages, with a piece of play that started deep within our half and within 5 or 6 passes the ball was in the back of the net. Each player only touched the ball once or twice, but this left Sacred Heart scrambling. Mark’s cross was Kruse-esque in it’s precision & Anoop was able to finish of the move with a well placed goal.

With the score 2-0 at half time, who’d think things could get better… i for one decided to see how the C’s were going & wandered back 20 minutes later, fresh beer in hand (incedentally the C’s were up 1-nil) only to find we’d banged in 2 more, with Mark & Justin both on the score sheet!

Late in the game we were in complete control, the Sacred Heart number 11 was losing his mind (so nothing new there) & we continued to dominate. Jose made it 5 on the break & then Anoop added insult to injury for number 6 in a game that’ll be talked about for a long time to come.

The way we moved the ball, the solid defence (and keeping) and the positive influence that the subs had are all great signs for a strong second half of the season & i really think we’ll surprise a few teams the way we’re currently going.

For Sacred Heart, they’re in all sorts of trouble, with one prominent pundit saying their style of football lacks brilliance and vividity (that one’s for you Lewis), but for a team that won the league last year their mojo seems to be gone.

All in all a satisfying day for the boys in white, 6-0 is nice any day of the week.. Even better when it’s against Sacred Heart.

That’s it.