Whites Bs players arrived impressively early for this one, feeling like the early season was in the balance. 2 wins, 2 disappointing losses (for different reasons) so far.  A sense that a win was absolutely necessary right here to set up the season, and also help generate the winning feeling across the club.

Structure across the back the same as the starting defence against the Westies. Justin Kanga back on the wing (having been missed the week before), Jidan in for an absent George Tan and Long up top the only other major changes. And this structure paid dividends once again with the Whites pretty much on top for the first half, although not quite as slick from the back as the Eagles pushed men high. The only real threat by the Eagles though was from the long ball, with the keeper possessing a booming kick, which continually sent the ball sailing over Kirsten and Superman at the back, and caused them to have to adjust their defensive line. But other than that things were kept pretty much air tight.

As the half went on the Whites began to run rampant through the midfield, and Long was doing his work well up top, holding up for the midfielders coming through and causing all sorts of problems. The only complaint coming from the back was “take a shot guys, stop faffing around with it”. Then out of nowehere – almost as if in response – Titus scored two absolute screamers from outside the box, almost carbon copy in terms of positioning (and in fact about the same spot he hit his first for the club – does he only score from distance?). The best came from  from a run, where he beat two players and seemingly off balance hit the ball at an angle that for all money should have skewed off his boot, but somehow stayed true and swerved past the keepers outstretched dive. Two absolutely first class goals, watched from the perfect angle by this correspondent.

Not to be beaten, however, a few minutes later Jidan scored an even more spectacular goal. When Kev had said he had freedom to shoot from where ever he wanted, Im not sure he even meant from about 5 meters in front of half way with the keeper not far off his line. But from the moment he hit it it never looked like missing, and sailed over the keeper into the net