I think the ‘D’ this week stood for Dad’s Army, with myself (Saf), Jan Pfitzner, Wez Reid & Rob Alberton all returning to the team nearly doubling the average age of the squad. If it wasn’t for Steve Bresolin being away I’m sure we would have achieved & indeed surpassed that goal.

After reading that Uni SA had their game abandoned last week due to some on-field incidents, i was a little concerned that there was no referee for this game. Thankfully one of the Uni SA boys put his hand up, advised us they had a couple of players suspended & then went about doing an excellent job of refereeing (nice to see).Robby was the manager this week & with a very different squad from previous weeks, he went for a change in tactics. The D’s set up with a 4-3-3 formation, as Rob wanted us to be more attacking this week.

Glyn returned to goals (after Lim’s midweek injury), with Pete & Saf at the back, Dimi & Adi on the flanks. The 3 midfielders, with about 1000 Uni White appearances between them were Jason Russo on the left, Jan Pfitzner central & Rob Alberton on the right. Our 3 attacking players were Matteo (left), Wez (Centre), Captain-Bobby (right).

Tomas proved what it is to be a team player, arriving to the ground on-time even though he had tonsilitis & hadn’t eaten for 2 days, but was still willing to sit on the bench in case we needed him & we also had Paolo, Oscar & Darren healthy and available to provide some run.

The first important play of the game saw Dimi win the ball from the Uni SA striker, place a through ball to Matteo on the run. Matteo then crossed the ball in perfectly to Wez, who took a touch & then buried the ball into the back of the net.. 1-0 after 2 minutes – Awesome!

Uni SA were caught napping for the goal, but they then posted a number of good attacks. Our defence held on well though & after about 15 minutes our midfield began to take control. Matteo & Wez both looked particularly dangerous up front & with Jan, Rob & Jason delivering the ball well, our wingers began to really stretch the Uni defenders.

Matteo, Jan & Bobby all went close to scoring in this period, but none were as unfortunate as Jason, who’s volley from a lovely corner absolutely clattered into the cross