Well it’s two days later and I’m still depressed.

In what should have been a routine win considering how the B’s dispatched their opponents, the A’s were sucker-punched and dropped to the foot of the table.

We welcomed back Anoop at #9, hoping that his pre-season form (including 4 against Grads Red) would continue into the league.  Gabe was off playing weddings, while Zidan and Kirsten dropped to the bench, giving Lewis and Steve their first starts of the season.  Mark slotted in next to Steve in the middle, Rob moved to left back, Joe to the centre and Jose went back on the wing.

After some sustained pressure by Westminster in the first 10-15 minutes, we started increasing our possession, and creating chances.  And not just one or two, a bazillion.  Seriously, we had more chances than Graeme Hick had at test cricket.  And gilt-edged? Geez, if we’d bundled them up and sold them on eBay, we could have sent Emran off to finish high school at the very grounds we were playing on.

We were in the brothel.  Our wallet was full. Our entendres were doubled.

And our biggest opponent became ourselves – we continuously yelled at the ref, and sometimes at each other.  And I actually find myself agreeing with you Mark: if we yell at you for being negative, then we too are being negative.  Touché.  So really everyone should just be positive or calm down and shut the f**k up.

In the end Westminster had 4 chances, Dan made a good save in the first half, and they scored the other 3 in the second.   The less that’s said about the goals the better: I think we lost possession in our own half for all of them, and the defence was caught napping.   I’ve got to apologise to the team for my part – was completely unprepared to defend, and challenges were poor.  I was probably thinking about the other end too much…

The glorious homecoming for myself and Scott ‘Wetminder’ Penfold was not to be.

Toughest of tests this week lads – let’s start our season now:

  1. Hone your shooting by knocking a golf ball against a water tank,
  2. Keep up your concentration levels by trying to stay awake while watching Stoke play Norwich, and
  3. Make yourself positive by sending me a $1 every time you want to say something negative.