First game of the League. Before the game, we could see fear on our eyes. Indeed, the pre-season wasn’t so good, and we had a lot of uncertainties. Indeed, 9 games.. 6 draws and 3 losses.. 8 goals scored, 18 goals against us.. MINUS 10!!

So, we began the game very carefully, giving the control of the ball to Rostrevor. And… It happened.. One free kick for us.. Rostrevor’s defence didn’t realise the ball, Sunny missed the goal, but I was behind him to shoot it with my right foot. Actually was a shitty goal, but a goal is a goal, even if it’s scored with the penis. The advantage of this goal was that it was delivered to us. After that, we played very good football. And the second goal arrived.. Vincent, the new French boy, dribbled almost half of the other team to score. Unfortunately, to the contrary of the first goal, this one made us slacken the pressure, and Rostrevor could be back in the game thanks to an avoidable goal. But we weren’t scared, and still played. And with a tackle that broke the shoulder of the Rostrevor player, I could make the ball mine to give it to “V” for his second personal goal. The French Connection was built. We knew FCUK (French Connection UK, the shop), now we know FCUW (French Connection Uni Whites). After that, Rostrevor was dead. And Crab showed us how he’s got a 20 years old right leg scoring a GORGEOUS free kick! Half-time.. We came back to the changing room with an advantage of 2 goals (4-2 after an another avoidable goal).

The second half showed us our superiority (tactic and physics). They put pressure during the first 15 minutes, but we weren’t scared, we cancelled all their opportunities and at the end, scored the fifth goal by Justin. Great crossed shot! And the sixth by the French Connection, very good run and pass from “V” to “G”. After their third goal and the yellow card of Sunny (!!), the ref whistled the end of the game, and all the pitch could sing.. UNI WHITES, THAT’S IT !!