Adelaide University Soccer Club wishes to advise that Kosta Jaric will not be continuing as its Women’s National Premier League coach in 2022.

Kosta, an AUSC life member, has contributed significantly to our Women’s program across his 12 years and 265 games as a Senior Coach.

His 3 League titles and 2 Cup wins will be remembered fondly, as well the dramatic cup run into the WNPL Cup Final in 2020.

As a WNPL Head Coach, his emphasis on giving young players a platform to succeed. This was always central to his philosophy and important to the club’s long term vision.

In addition, Kosta was instrumental in establishing our Men’s State League side, becoming its inaugural captain in 2017.

“My time at AUSC will always hold a special place in my heart, and while it loses a coach, it gains a supporter for life,” said Kosta.

His contribution across AUSC and Adelaide University Sport cannot be encapsulated in words, and we look forward to seeing all he achieves in the future.