The Blacks could not replicate their strong performance against Pitbulls in the first game of the season in which they were narrowly defeated. 


SAASL Division 3 Round 8

Adelaide University Black 0-6 Northern Pitbulls


In the first half of the match, the Blacks defended on a pitch resembling a cow paddock.

Pitbulls had the first opportunity, guiding a pass through the Blacks defence from the right, but their attacker sprayed the ball wide.

At 14 minutes, Pitbulls played the ball to the top of the box before swinging it left and shooting, however the Blacks defence remained sturdy and made a block.

Pitbulls were creating most of the attacks as a freekick on the right edge of the box was taken with force but Blacks ‘keeper Jacob Davey matched it with a save.

At the half-hour mark, the Blacks defence made a tactical foul at the edge of the box as Joe Henderson limped off the pitch with an injured knee.

Pitbulls lined up for the freekick and placed the ball in the top left of the goal, out of reach for the ‘keeper, to score at 32 minutes.

Just before the end of the half, a marauding Pitbulls attacker drove forward and was chopped down at the edge of the box once more.

The Pitbulls player moved the ball after the whistle and hit a low driven shot around the wall to score in the bottom left of the goal which doubled the home team’s lead.

The first half ended 2-0 to Pitbulls.

In the second half, interplay between Kevin Ugalde and Billy Roumeliotis led to a scoring opportunity but the ball was hit wide of the mark.

Pitbulls played the ball up through their defence from the Blacks missed opportunity and eventually made their way to the edge of the box, where their attacker shot and scored.

After the hour mark, a Pitbulls attacker beat the Blacks defender and passed the ball across the box with no one following it in.

In a Blacks attack, Luke Urban played a looped ball over the defence to put substitute Reece Pruis one-on-one with the Pitbulls ‘keeper and the shot was saved.

At 73 minutes, a Pitbulls winger charged down the flank, beat his man and whipped the ball past the face of goal.

A minute later a lofted ball came to the Pitbulls striker who chased it down and hit it on the half-volley to score for 4-0.

Pitbulls found their rhythm and increased the pressure by taking a multitude of shots at goal.

A corner from one of Pitbulls numerous attempts within a short period was saved, the corner was attacked by their player and the resulting header hit the bar.

With 10 minutes to play, Pitbulls put the ball in the box, the Blacks defender attempted a clearance and their striker followed up with a header into the net for 5-0.

In Pitbulls next attack, their midfielder produced stepovers on the edge of the box before taking a shot after which the ball ricocheted off the bar and bounced down but did not cross the goal-line.

A minute later, the Blacks defence blocked another Pitbulls shot.

In the dying minutes of the match, the Pitbulls winger beat the Blacks wide defender and slotted the ball past ‘keeper Davey at his far post.

The game ended 6-0 to Pitbulls.

Blacks coach Mohan Karthigeyan declined to comment after the match.


Main photo: William Chau