Adelaide University Soccer Club (AUSC) – Special General Meeting Notice

To all AUSC members: A Special General Meeting (SGM) has been called for Thursday 20 June (8pm start) at the Adelaide University Graduates Clubhouse.

The Meeting is to address and vote (whether to approve AUSC or not approve) on the following items:

  1. That the AUSC Board provide and submit all of AUSC’s required financial documentation to the Adelaide University Sports Association (AUSA) so as to bring the AUSC’s financial information up to date.
  2. Following the accountant of AUSA finalising the required financial information for the AUSC and within twenty eight (28) days thereafter an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of all AUSC members be held.
  3. That the AUSA act as an administration agent for the AUSC and the AUSC authorises the AUSA to take such action as is necessary to meet affiliation requirements.

To assist with the planning and preparation for this meeting, AUSC members are asked to indicate whether or not they can attend by submitting the online RSVP.

Please note – only AUSC members are entitled to vote at this meeting.

David Storey
President – Adelaide University Soccer Club
on behalf of the AUSC Board

RSVP for Meeting

Additional information – Board meeting outcome

Following the AUSC Board meeting on 18 June 2019 – the Board unanimously voted the following:

  1. AUSC board provide and submit and require all financial information to AU Sport to bring it up to date: Board voted Yes
  2. Getting AU Sport accountant to call an AGM. Board voted Yes
  3. AUSA act as an administration agent. Board voted Yes

Additional information – member voting rights

Following a discussion by the Board, to clarify any ambiguities, all financial members of the AUSC are eligible to attend and vote at the SGM, including parents who are financial members themselves, and are representing the Junior PLAYERS interests.

Please ensure you have registered and paid your membership fee by 4:00pm on Thursday 20 June 2019 if you wish to attend and vote at the meeting, after which time additional registrations will not be accepted for the purposes of this SGM.