A dominant display by the Blacks saw them notch their first win of the season.


SAASL Division 3 Round 5

Adelaide University Black 3-2 Northern Wolves

Goals: Kevin Ugalde, Joe Henderson, Luke Urban


A crew of Blacks supporters watched from the sidelines, hoping to see the team record their first victory after a challenging start to the season.

The Blacks had a strong start as Joe Henderson played a through-ball at the back-post to Luke Urban, who couldn’t convert.

At 20 minutes, Blacks defender Lucas Bragagnolo gave the ball away in his defensive goal-box and recovered with an accurate sliding tackle, but the Wolves attacker found the rebound to put his team ahead at 1-0.

Minutes later, Blacks midfielder Kevin Ugalde whipped in a corner, attacker Miro Vujica had his header saved and Tom Primer hit the post on the follow-up.

The equaliser seemed inevitable as Urban pushed forward but was fouled before he could shoot, and the Wolves midfielder received a yellow card for his poor challenge.

From the freekick, about 30 metres out and slightly to the right of his target, Ugalde curled the ball into the top right corner of the goal, out of reach of the Wolves ‘keeper to draw the Blacks level.

At 37 minutes, a Wolves defender made a back-pass to his ‘keeper, confusion ensued, and he picked the ball up.

The referee awarded the indirect freekick to the Blacks for the back-pass but the resulting shot was blocked by the wall of Wolves defenders on the goal-line.

Late in the first half, a midfield tussle ended with a Sharks player elbowing Ugalde, who appealed to the referee but to the spectators’ surprise, the yellow card was given to the Blacks player.

From a freekick even further out than the Ugalde goal but this time on the left, Henderson shot and the Wolves ‘keeper failed to make a save as the ball hit the back of the net for 2-1.

The Blacks successfully turned the game around in their favour as the half ended.

Minutes into the second half, Henderson played a pass to Urban on the left, who cut inside and struck low into the net to give the Blacks a two-goal lead.

In an exciting play, Blacks left-back Reeve played a pass to Vujica, who flicked the ball on to Urban who took it forward and attempted to chip the Wolves ‘keeper but the ball sailed over the bar.

At 61 minutes, a Wolves freekick bobbled to their player at the by-line and he sneaked it past Blacks ‘keeper Jacob Davey which reduced their deficit to one.

Minutes later, the Wolves threatened to equalise as they received a freekick and their player chipped the ball over the Blacks defence but the attack was cut short after the referee signalled that the player had handled the ball.

At 82 minutes, ‘keeper Davey and a Wolves attacker collided after a 50/50 dash to the ball and the attacker kicked back at Davey on the ground, leaving his face bloodied.

In the 90th minute Michael ‘Rossi’ Rossiter ran down the left for one last attack, he crossed the ball into the box but the Blacks attacker couldn’t get to it.

The match ended 3-2 to the Blacks.

‘It is fantastic to get our first win… the boys dug in deep’, Blacks coach Mohan Karthigeyan said of the victory.