Kosta Jaric has earned Adelaide University Soccer Club $1,000 with some half-time heroics at the Adelaide United-Melbourne City A-League match on the weekend.

The AUSC Women’s National Premier League head coach lined up for the Macron ‘crossbar’ challenge – in which competitors attempt to hit the crossbar – from 20 yards out. He blazed the ball well over the top, but so did the other two contestants.

“I don’t think I’ll ever have a more lucrative miss,” Jaric said.

If he had hit the cross-bar, it would have earned AUSC a cheque worth $3,000. The prize money was shared among the three ‘losing’ competitors.

“I’m incredibly grateful that my misfortune helped raise some much needed funds for the club,” Jaric said.

His efforts didn’t go unnoticed by AUSC members.

“I’ve received eight different camera angles on Snapchat to help me scrutinise my criticised technique,” Jaric said.

“I blame it on the watering of the pitch moments earlier. The nearby presence of Taylor Regan also put me on edge.”

A spokeswoman from the WNPL squad said the players will monitor Jaric’s participation and performance at the club’s upcoming trainings.

“He’s not getting out of this that easily,” she said.

“We want our leader to be better prepared for the next crossbar challenge.”

Watch Jaric’s moment of magic

Video courtesy Michael Rossiter