Result: Whites 3 – 0 Pembroke
Hey Lads, well both our Teams enjoyed 3-0 wins on Saturday, which meant 3B going three points clear at the top & Div5 coming within a point of top place! At the half way stage of the season, it was always in my mind to be in contention.
When I met all my old players/mates at the beginning of pre season I kinda knew what to expect. But to meet all of the new players, I could see the challenge to produce two successful squads!
All of you have proved that with dedication to the cause, a massive amount of effort and a lot of undeniable talent, anything is possible!
Some very old, some slightly younger, some even younger & some teenagers, you have all contributed to help develop a collective of 37 players and counting, to go out as two squads each week & do the business.
To say I am PROUD of you all is an UNDERSTATEMENT, you have risen to the challenges set and achieved so much already.

We must now realise we all have a chance to do something special and help the Uni Whites history become even greater. We cannot rest on our success so far, we must fight with all our beings to do more & bring home the bacon.

Let’s train with intelligence, we are now aware of what each of us has to offer, take care of your bodies, eat well, hydrate, rest when needed.
Be ready to play your part for the rest of the remaining season!

Personally I don’t do second best & you lads, yes you lads, have put us in a position, for that to happen …..

It’s in our hands…..
Winners are grinners…..

That’s it