Result: Rostrevor 3 – 2 Whites

Determined to turn the season around, Whites 1A take on Rossy away. A slightly older, and far slower team took the field this week as we battle a growing injury list. Rossy moved the ball around as Whites structured up to screen and limit possession high in midfield. Whites looked to bring in the speed and running of Matt and Jimmy with Alex playing as a holdup 9. In the 30th minute mark,  Alex found space in the corner of their 18yard box and slotted under the keeper to take us 1-0 up at half time. We had given up possession but starved them of any clear chances in the first half, the second started similar. In about the 70th minute Rossy broke through and won the ball in our box and somehow the ball found its way into the far post. The game opened up from here as we conceded a second before Matt Chan pulled one back with a nice finish 2-2. Unfortunately we lost Alex, Scott and Roschi to injury and conceded a third in the last few mins. We continued to attack going 3 at the back but unfortunately couldn’t find an equaliser. Hard to swallow after going into the break 1-0 up, but we should believe we can beat this team and take that into the cup match next week!

  • Alan Evans